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Western and Eastern Medicine

Stephen Chee, MD, MPH, MA, MTOM, LAc

Dual Trained MD and Acupuncturist, Quadruple Board Certified

Dr. Stephen Chee has unique training and comprehensive expertise in both Western Medicine and Eastern Medicine. According to a 2013 national study, only 0.5% of all licensed Acupuncturists are also licensed as Medical Doctors.

Additionally, he is one of a few physicians nationwide that is Quadruple board certified in Family Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Medical Acupuncture, as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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Your Health is our Primary Concern

Many patients who see us have chronic stress, stress-related conditions, chronic pain, or other chronic conditions which require individualized attention. Our medical clinic is intentionally limited in size so we can provide you with the time and care your health requires.

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