5 tips for surviving the holidays

5 Tips for Surviving the Holidays

While the holidays can be a wonderful season to celebrate with family and friends, they also bring added stressors to our mind, emotions and body. Here are five simple tips to help you stay healthy and calm.

  1. When there are more demands for time, the things that people sacrifice are often the things that are the most helpful. What’s at the top of your list to give up because having it would almost seem too extravagant right now? Exercise, meditation, spending time preparing food, going hiking or sleep? Whatever it is, this very well may be the most important thing for you to keep doing or at least a modified version of it!
  2. Trying to chose the best activity to reduce stress? Research has shown that, per minute, aerobic exercise relieves stress better than yoga and meditation. 
  3. Did you know that according to Chinese medicine, we require more sleep during the winter months? The days are shorter and there is less sun so nature spends time hibernating in preparation for the next season. Be sure to get enough sleep!
  4. Take self-compassion breaks. There are numerous meditation techniques, but a practice that opens the heart is so important especially given all the additional family dynamics. If we can take a break to slow down and have compassion for firstly ourselves, we can then open ourselves to being compassionate towards those around us and we can enjoy the holidays together!
  5. Be grateful! There is lots of research showing that practicing gratitude improves health by improving mood, sleep, and blood pressure to name a few. Research has even showed that dispositional gratitude promoted physical health!

We wish you and yours a wonderful, blessed and healthy Holiday Season!

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